A Paradigm Shift in Training & Learning

Emotions drive our thinking: thinking drives our behaviour: behaviour drives our performance. PAM 4A delivers a simple new solution to training and learning in a complex world.

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As you feel and think you become


PAM 4A has evolved from an understanding that our minds and body are integrated on a simple perception to action basis. As such the model works around the notion of embodied cognition and includes fields such as physiology, psychology and neuroscience.

Our fundamental understanding of these complex matters has enabled us to create a process that is simple, flexible and sustainable. It has been used to support pre-school learners through to elite sports performers and senior business owners.


Optimise how you see your working or learning environment to maximise your potential. What is going on and what are you paying attention to?

Know your mind: Know your mind helps develop a clear understanding of how your sense of self emerges as you interact with your world, the minds of others and of course ‘yourself.’

What makes your mind work? What are your opportunities and how do you focus on the appropriate cues?


Optimise the way you regulate/manage your feelings and thoughts. What are you prepared to accept to achieve better performance and learning?

Know yourself Key to knowing is a deep awareness of your emotional triggers, character strengths, your physical qualities, moods, temperament, what motivates you and drives your engagement with the world.

Build a deep acceptance of how you personally approach opportunities, challenges, and threats. This will help you manage related feelings, thoughts and behaviours and help you truly flourish.

Build a better relationship with yourself! Develop an understanding that helps you identify the resources you need to be in the best place possible to perform.


Optimise your flexibility and resilience to opportunity, challenge, and threat to ensure a contextually appropriate response.

Know your behaviour develops our behavioural flexibility and allows us to deliver our strengths consistently in learning, training, and competition and to manage our response. Flexibility is a attitude to change and supports commitment to what we have to do more often, adjust, or just stop doing in the short term and in the long term that helps us perform.

Enhance our Emotional and behavioural flexibility. Optimally align your resources to the opportunities and demands of the task at hand.


Optimise your performance delivery keeping yourself in context of performance and learning.

Know your action: Commitment to taking action is critical to learning and performance as we need to commit to self development. Action is the the only thing we can ultimately can control.

Commit to valued action keeping self in context. Making sure we take action to use our resources consistently.

“It is through your attending to the doing that the quality of what is done will be determined.” Experience Bryon

How PAM 4A Operates at


PAM 4A is used as part of our understanding of total fitness which combines physical fitness, mental fitness and emotional fitness and integrates

  1. Self-awareness and knowledge ASSESS
  2. Mindfulness skills training with moment awareness ACCEPT
  3. Information and skills that promote stress resilience ADAPT
  4. Concrete applications for the performance environment APPLY

The result is an emotional shield which both increases players’ operational effectiveness and enhances their capacity to bounce back from the stressful experience.