From a Lu Ban Perception in 2016 to a working UK qualification in 2018

Chinese food is recognised and loved across the globe – but as generations evolve the authenticity and true meaning of China’s food culture has become diluted. PAM Education was given a brief to re-ignite the true meaning of Chinese Culinary Arts.

Outside of China restaurant owners are being forced to close simply because they cannot find staff that can create authentic Chinese dishes – prepared and served using traditional Chinese skills and expertise.

We also discovered that outside of China there were no regulated standards that were in place to create the framework for the growth of careers within the Chinese food industry.

The unique experience of cooking authentic Chinese cuisine is now available to a global audience.

Learners and trainers can easily access and assess learning materials on line through a single secure platform. No need to give up hard earned jobs and for employers – your workforce can undertake fully regulated qualifications in the workplace. Authentic Chinese Culinary Skills can now be developed and fully regulated within the UK


Step One

Register online with Chichester College Group (CCG) and complete Induction

Step Two

Commence programme on the ElliLMS learning platform

Step Three

Take part in weekly webinars delivered by UK and Chinese Master chefs

Step Four

Work through the 5 online modules one by one with CCG mentor support

Step Five

Attend in person 1-day end of term assessment programme at Crawley College

Step Six

Complete all 5 modules and attend final 2 day assessment programme at Crawley College

Step Seven

Receive your Level 3 Certificate and progress your career in Chinese Culinary Arts

PAM will take Chinese Culinary Arts to a new level?

We have put together a programme of study built on the knowledge and skills of Tianjin’s Master Chefs, expert exponents of techniques borne of generations of skills passed down the family line and honed through years of work within the highly respected profession of “Master Chef”. The PAM qualifications enable you to commence a journey to Master Chef status, one that will see you become highly skilled in the techniques associated with authentic Chinese cuisine with knowledge imparted by the experts utilising today’s learning technology to create an accessible, flexible and engaging programme of study.

Pathways – Chinese Culinary Arts students can progress from the Level 2 starting point (direct entry to Level 3 is available for those with suitable experience and / or qualifications) and quickly move on to reach level 5 ‘Masters’ standards, thereafter the opportunity to progress onto the final year of an Honours degree programme is available.

Support – Our programme encourages self-guided learning which is supported by experts that are available to guide and mentor.

Focus – Our programmes are designed and delivered taking into account the reality of the workplace and the challenges that employees and employers face in a busy and fiercely competitive market.

Compliance – We set high standards and our regulated qualification courses and associated training workshops are delivered by industry experts.

In addition to being UK Regulated our courses are designed to align to and meet Chinese Vocational Technical Standards and Chinese Catering Industry Standards.

Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement and Standardisation through Regulation

Qualifications that appear on the UK Regulated Qualification Framework are also recognised as part of the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

Join us for an exciting


We’ve launched the UK regulated Level 3 Diploma in Chinese Culinary Arts, soon to be joined (Sept 2019) with the Level 2 Diploma and Level 4 Diploma.

Where: Crawley College
College Road, Crawley, West Sussex,
RH10 1NR

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