The Affiliated School of Xiamen Institute of Technology (SXIT) in Xiamen China are seeking graduates with the vision to deliver high standards of teaching and learning delivered in English as part of the school’s International post 16, A-Level programmes.

The applicant will be a motivated individual with a keen interest in encouraging and inspiring students to love learning and excel in the following subject areas; Physics, Mathematics, Biology or Chemistry. This is a great chance to join a positive vibrant and dynamic team located in one of South China’s most visited and modern cities.

We are looking for newly qualified graduates who are hardworking and excited to join a school that is driven to provide education at an exceptional level. SXIT offer an outstanding environment in which to deliver a dynamic and creative curriculum to motivated students. Applicants will show high levels of emotional intelligence and demonstrate a desire to build outstanding teaching careers.

You should be able to demonstrate:

  • An open-minded and creative approach to providing an outstanding education
  • The ability to inspire, challenge, support and empower students and colleagues towards excellence
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to establish good working relationships across the school community
  • Excellent communication in English (written and spoken) and presentation skills
  • The ability to respond positively and proactively to the challenges of the school environment.

Job Specification

  • Comply with national laws and regulations, strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the school, comply with the school work plan, actively participate in the activities of the school,take initiatives and being accountable at work
  • Implement the national education policy, understand the concept of quality-oriented education , and master the learning philosophy of the new curriculum, ready to adapt to the new role of teacher, enhance his/her ethical conducts, ensure the physical and mental health of all our students, act with conscientious effort to exemplify the highest ethical standards. .
  • Deliver and fulfil teaching on the assigned subject course (or subject related courses), teaching hours are between 10 and 16 per week.
  • Fully understand and apply the new curriculum standards, develop realistic schemes of work, submit work summary at the end of each academic year.
  • Strictly follow the requirements outlined in the syllabus in preparing for the successful delivery of the course. Less plans developed should be in line with the requirements and updated regularly. A personal style of developing lesson plan is expected. The distribution and moderation of assignments should be in time and with quality.
  • Adhere to the principles of producing individualised and inspiring teaching, by taking into account of the capacity and capabilities of our students. A well-taught lesson should include the following characteristics:
    • the Intended Learning objectives are clearly stated
    • teacher’s description and explanation of the subject knowledge are precise
    • key learning content and challenging learning content are emphasised
    • tutorial of study skills is provided
    • teaching of theory is combined with practical exercises
    • well organised and structure to incorporate the interaction between tutor and students,
    • emphasise on developing students’ innovative thinking and their ability to apply knowledge learnt.
  • In view of the level of academic achievement of our students and the speciality of our school, learning management within the classroom is emphasised. Teachers are expected to understand that education is holistic which contains development of the intellectual, physical & moral domains. Hence, teachers are expected to teach and coach students at the same time. From this perspective, in addition to teach knowledge, teachers are required to help students to develop good learning habits, to address the moral aspects of learning content, to assist students to develop ethics and values system, to improve students well-being.
  • To develop sound understanding on students’ mental well-being and level of academic achievement, provide individualised tutorial sessions, constantly adjust teaching methods so that all students will have the opportunities to improve.
  • Write midterm and final exam questions as per school’s requirement. In order to improve teaching quality, teachers are expected to conduct analysis on quality of teaching and learning and to provide developmental feedback in a timely manner.
  • Emphasis on the development of students’ competence and talent by organising extra-curriculum activities and encouraging students to take part in. Extra-curriculum activities are designed to arouse students’ interest, expand their knowledge base, and exhibit their talent.
  • Module teachers are expected to undertake the role of form tutor if required to do so. All module teachers should understand the mission of our education is to develop all-round citizen. Therefore, module teachers are also expected to fulfil moral education to all our students.
  • Keep up with learning of modern learning theories and learning technology (e.g. multimedia technology), make full use of the school multi-media teaching resources for teaching. take part in continuing education learning, understand the necessity of lifelong learning, constantly improve his/her theoretical and practical competence, participate in and contribute to the research on pedagogy to improve teaching quality.
  • All module teachers are require to observe 20 lessons in each academic year, supervise 1-2 student self-guided learning sessions in the evening weekly, and fulfil home visits when required.
  • Senior teachers should fulfil additional responsibilities such as provide advise and training to newly qualified teachers. Each senior teacher will be assigned to mentor one newly qualified teacher during his/her tenure with the school.
  • In view of teacher’s career development plan, all module teachers are required to take the initiative to adapt to the development needs of the school, actively carry out extra-curriculum development, develop multidisciplinary capacity by either undertaking the delivery of optional module on a related subject if required or taking on further study on a different subject.

Further Information

As well as being a great place to work, Xiamen is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, rapidly expanding place to develop and achieve your career goals. Teachers in Xiamen enjoy an excellent lifestyle as well as extensive travel and leisure opportunities around the region and further afield.

Package includes free accommodation in a modern flat within the XIT campus, annual return flights, an excellent salary and opportunities for access to Continuous Professional Development courses.

If you meet these criteria, are enthusiastic about teaching and learning and have the drive and passion to get the most from our students then we would welcome your application.

Application close: 9 April 2018
Commences: 01-08-2018
Contract Type: Permanent
Contract Hours: Full Time
Remuneration/Pay rate: £25,000 plus accommodate plus return flights
Location: Xiamen, Fujian

Application procedures

To apply please send your CV to