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Extracts below.

Astrid Jaeger, Managing Director of OEB Learning Technologies Europe GmbH, which organises OEB Global, Europe’s leading conference on technology-assisted learning and training, said today that the education sector will have to change “fundamentally and quickly” to cope with new demands created by rapid technological change.

“To date, both educators and employers have been slow to come to terms with the implications of a new world in which the old jobs no longer exist”.

“Learning will no longer be a brief phase in life,” she said. “It will become a central part of our existence. In an era of constant and increasing change, we will discover a new appreciation of learning and an understanding of its place in the future…..”

Participants in OEB Global will be asked to consider how institutions, organisations and employers should prepare themselves to meet the challenge of change. They will also ask how governments can create flexible, equitable education systems that are capable of adapting quickly to meet new demands. And they will look at how vocational training and further education can keep up with an ever-growing demand for new skills.

OEB Global has launched a new website with full details of this year’s conference and exhibition. The website – https://oeb.global – contains a guide to the conference and a full list of the topics to be discussed at it. The OEB programme includes a mix of plenary sessions, discussions, debates, learning labs and many other formats designed to encourage the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

The event organisers have issued a call for papers on the main conference themes, which include ‘instilling curiosity,’ dynamic learning and training, nascent technologies, skills development and data collection. A full list is available on the conference website. Anyone wanting to submit a paper for presentation at the conference should send a short abstract to the conference organisers, using the form available on the website. The call for papers will close on April 30th, 2018.

For more information about OEB Global 2018, please contact the conference organisers at info@oeb.global