One stop for successful business

When Darin Tudor was Entrepreneur in residence at Coventry University he quickly realised that aside from paying in excess of 20k to complete an MBA there was nothing on the market that enabled young people in full time employment or education to develop the skills required to start their own business.

If I had taken this course when I started my business it would have saved me thousands of pounds and more importantly years of time spent learning through trial by error


Business owners told us ‘We need a toolkit that gives us 24/7 support to start and grow a sustainable business.’

Entrepreneurs told us they had solid business ideas but when it came to developing all the skills needed to turn a great idea into a great business they struggled to acquire the skills except by a process of trial and error.

Technology whilst helpful is evolving at such a pace – business  owners told us they wanted to work in collaboration and partnerships that would help them keep pace with the   changes.

Most accept the need to work 24/7, learn from mistakes and   never to give up – it was clear though that if they could get easy access to experts that have already ‘walked the talk’ they   would become more efficient and affective.

Who is it for?

The Growthkit is designed for anyone that wants to progress their careers, as a business owner or employee. It has proved really popular with:

  • Self-employed sports coaches.
  • New start up business owners i.e. Chefs, Hairdressers, Graphic Designers, IT Specialists, Mentors
  • Students wanting to move from Level 3 to higher qualifications
  • Servicemen looking for careers when living the military.


  1. A level 4 UK regulated qualification that is assessed by the production of a working business plan.
  2. Learning delivered by business experts online accessible at times that are suitable for your business diary.
  3. Free access to the PAM 4 Room where you can join and share issues with fellow PAM 4 Room members and business owners.
  4. An online business centre that allows you to share good practices and services offered by other members.
  5. Potential to join International business fairs and festivals and build transnational business partnerships.
  6. Opportunities to progress your qualification levels from 4 to 5,6,7,8  whilst remaining in control of your business
  7. Receive regular updates on government funding initiatives available to help you achieve consistent growth.


  • PAM 4 ROOM free membership opens September 2018
  • PAM ‘Coaching Masters’ Open courses available September 2018
  • PAM Level 4 Qualification ‘Embodied Learning for Practitioners’ from January 2019
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