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Apprenticeship providers can sign up today to receive the Free Resource Programme.

The new programme upgrades the existing GFG Impact Social Skills in a Digital World course and has been designed to enable Training Providers and Employers to support apprentices with a range of products that can fit all budgets.

The course also gives support to employees who are transitioning into a new role, due to progression or re-structure.

The Impact AiM package begins with stand-alone Free Resources that offer an extensive stand-alone programme which delivers many of the regulatory tasks Providers have to produce to meet mandatory funding requirements.

‘Providing free resources is now obligatory in the training and learning marketplace – but we wanted to go further and offer a programme that includes a significant, fully trackable curriculum.

Our free ‘Start Up’ package establishes a solid foundation from which Training Providers and Employers can support, apprentices to be ready for the workplace and existing employees, to deal with the new roles and the conditions they face in the current, rapidly changing, working environment’

Russell Grocott – M.D.

Providers and Employers can then choose to upgrade to the CPD Work Out plans which increase the auditable ‘off the job’ training hours to 120 hours over 12 months.

The programme also integrates an All-in Access upgrade which provides business owners and senior management teams with a monthly insight into the latest news and evolving developments within the business of Apprenticeship training.

Whether its support on how to spend the levy, how you can maximise your training budget or how you can receive further grants and funding support. The ‘All in Access’ service offers a solution.

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