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Lu Ban Liverpool was thrust into the national spotlight after featuring on BBC One’s flagship magazine programme The One Show.

Aired on Thursday 12th December, the programme’s Kevin Duala went behind the scenes and into the heat of the kitchen to learn more about restaurant’s educational role and its formal learning programme.

Aside from being a destination restaurant in Liverpool’s famous Cain’s Brewery, the Lu Ban is also preparing the chefs of the future in Chinese Culinary Art.

In the glare of the cameras, executive head chef Dave Critchley and student chefs Charlotte and Kevin, discuss the learning programme as well as showing off their new skills in the kitchen.

The pair are the first intake of learners, which is being supported by celebrity chef Ching-He Huang through a Ching He-Huang Scholarship.

Forming part of a wider initiative co-ordinated by the International Association of Chinese Culinary Arts to arrest the decline in the number of chefs trained in Chinese Culinary Arts.

Both Charlotte and Kevin receive training from Critchley, with additional support from Ching throughout.

The apprenticeship lasts for 15 months and concludes with a graduation ceremony in Tianjin, China – the home of the respected Tianjin School of Cuisine.