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Following successful negotiations with their global education partners Coventry based PAM Education Consultancy Services will launch the first phase of its ‘Performance in Mind’ lifelong learning programme in September.

The main focus is on the development of physical exercise/fundamental skills and the core benefits to developing brain fitness, emotional fitness, social fitness and physical fitness. The course will develop these core capacities throughout childhood and into adolescence. Basic movements allow children to explore and understand their environments more effectively which aids learning in context.

The ability to perform various fundamental movement skills (FMS) (e.g. running, catching, hopping, throwing) in a consistent and proficient manner, is often defined as movement competence. High levels of FMS competence in childhood is related to a number of health and physical activity outcomes. Children who possess high FMS levels have a greater chance of maintaining good health, are more likely to participate in physical activity and possess better fitness in later life.

Programme designer and PAM founder Malcolm Frame stated:

‘The key to development is to build adaptable and flexible individuals. We must step away from linear approaches, refocussing our attention on activities where we endeavour to constrain the activities to promote social emotional, linguistic, and cognitive skills as well as physical development’. Ultimately from this young age we are developing the skills that lead to academic and vocational success”

The response to the initiative has been over-whelming and delivery centres are expected to open in China India and Saudi Arabia as well as the UK

Potential partners in the UK should pre-register their interest at . You will receive a programme launch pack and the first 25 will be invited to Liverpool for the launch event in September.

 Russell Grocott PAM Education M.D.