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All things scene

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All Things Scene

Passion for Design and Commerciality

At the start, there were two guys who chatted many times about how poor design (both in looks and in how things can be used) can really hit a business. The conversation was about first impressions – how a website looks, how easy it is to find information and to do things, how good social media looks, how the words and images drive someone to an action, how good that business card looks and feels. It was remarkable how many times you could meet awesome people, but how they are seriously let down by the materials that support them or their business. Or, of course, by how much people benefited from awesome design and experiences.

Then there was the commerciality. In all conversations, it was remarkable just how many people did things because they thought they should, or didn’t do things because they didn’t feel they would add value. So much of marketing to small and medium sized businesses or charities just felt ill-informed.

So, Damon and Mark set about creating a business that would focus on great design, great experiences, and best of all, on making sure that everyone understood what was needed, what was being done, and what value it would drive. We were also determined to support our community, and to make marketing affordable.

And what happened with that dream?

We started with some customers, and have never looked back – we continue to employ local people to help our customers, have given back to countless charities, local organisations and local businesses to make sure that Southend-on-Sea and the surrounding areas are moved to success. We have grown, and now of course not just local companies, but companies that serve multiple countries.with their websites, apps, design, print and marketing.

It has been a journey – we have learnt more about how people like to work, how people engage with design, and through this, we have developed our own approaches to help people we work with – one is all about making sure we are all clear about what we need to work on, and the other is all about how we work together as different tasks are delivered. We take pride in getting things right, and also in how we respond if we don’t. We take responsibility and always deliver.

Our team is made up of experts in different fields, but all are passionate about one thing – delivering awesome work that really delivers.