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Our projects

We offer world-class experience through innovation, collaboration and education.

PAM and our curriculum development team provide the opportunity for organisations. to establish local and transnational programmes of study and qualifications. The approach adopted in developing the programmes is based on our understanding of the 5 abilities that top performers and effective learners share, which are Planning, Focus, Insight, Self-regulation, Cooperation & Collaboration. In addition, we enable delivery via a blended learning approach incorporating high quality learning content developed by our multi-media and technology partners; providing insight and support to create effective and efficient learning programmes.

Transnational Learning Projects

PAM is involved in a series of high-profile curriculum design projects for the establishment and ongoing management of education programmes in China and the UK, these include:

Xiamen Institute of Technology

The Design and implementation of a UK regulated qualification curriculum at the Affiliated School of Xiamen Institute of Technology.

Lu Ban Chinese Culinary Arts

A partnership between the Chichester College Group and the Tianjin 2nd School of Commerce to establish the first European based Lu Ban Chinese Culinary Arts qualification for delivery in the UK and China.

Summer Camps that blend fun and learning

For 10 years we have organised Summer Camp programmes across Europe and Asia. Each one is bespoke designed to match the specific requirements of our clients. The one common factor is our clients have experiences and learning that last a lifetime.

High Performance Sports Based Training Workshops

Our workshops bring together our experts chosen from the upper echelons of sport. Each has experience of working with world class performers. Our workshops provide our clients with the opportunity to work with and learn from masters.

PAM Benefits

All qualifications are accredited and awarded by UK regulated Awarding Organisations.

The ethos of our qualification and curriculum design is based upon supporting learners to enter employment or higher education as skilled practitioners who are confident and capable of independent thinking.

Our Academic staff are all English-speaking subject specialist teachers chosen for their experience and success in teaching and supporting international learners.

Our management team are a mixture of British and International staff, complemented with local personnel roles, supporting academic staff and students in the success of the projects.

Learners and trainers can easily access and assess learning materials on line through a single secure platform. No need to give up hard earned jobs and for employer’s – your workforce can undertake fully regulated qualifications in the workplace. Authentic Chinese Culinary Skills can now be developed and fully regulated within the UK.

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